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Barbara Roy, Sr. Technology Content Strategist, Writer & Designer


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Quality Driven

At Scarlettown Communications, the focus is on quality and delivering on time, on budget.  


I understand, when creating and delivering your content, training or assets, my reputation is linked to yours.  


Therefore, when your experience and materials are high quality, we both benefit.

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Flexible Consultative Options

Scarlettown Communications services clients remotely through teleconference and video meetings, and offers per- project (1099), retainer, and dedicated staff (W2) options.

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Creative and Analytical Approach

I'm often told that it's difficult to find content and communications professionals who possess both creative and analytical skills.  


With over 15 years business experience in diverse industries from the highly technical to the highly creative, I have a unique perspective and combination of experience and abilities to benefit a wide variety of project needs.  

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Areas of Expertise and Interest

Customer experience, user experience, partners, publishing, education and learning, finance, entertainment, gaming, SaaS, networking, technology, data protection, privacy, cyber security, trust & safety, Cloud and IoT.

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This Content Business BLOG

Barbara Roy, Principal,

Scarlettown Communications, LLC

Comic strip of Barbara Roy, Scarlettown Communications Content Creator

"I have a passion for writing and I enjoy the strategic planning process; ultimately though, my goal is to help you reach your goals. I gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing you succeed by using the plans, processes, and content I've created."


Diverse Industry Experience

As a content and communications professional, with more than 15 years of combined experience and a solid background working with startups to Fortune 500 companies as well as writing freelance, Barbara's experience is diverse.   She has consulted with such companies as eBay, Cisco, Hitachi and the FRSTeam franchise, and served such industries as IT, technology, nutrition, fabric restoration, e-commerce, gaming, music, entertainment, education and more.


Focused Specialist

In addition to extensive experience and skill in writing, editing and content development, Barbara's musical background combined with marketing savvy influences her end-user concentration and design abilities to provide polish to all projects.  She is further able to contribute on the more creative end of corporate spectrum needs such as creating end-to-end videos complete with quality content, voiceover, background music, elegant transitions and impactful calls-to-action.  With a B.A. in music and education, training materials are created, not only featuring industry-standard, easy-to-understand instructions and illustrations, but with a mindfulness that users learn differently and content should be developed with consideration to any target audience predispositions.


Published Writer

Through corporate work, freelance pursuits, and songwriting contributions, Barbara has been published many times including such publications as RePlay Magazine, Preserving Christian Homes, Vending Times, Cleaning and Restoration, Restoration and Remediation, American Songwriter, Vision, PlayMeter, The Standard, American Drycleaner and others.

Why I Write

As early as junior high, I realized English grammar was one of those things I understood without trying too hard. Later on, in college, my papers were used as examples for the class. I excelled at it, and it was a good thing, because I wasn’t nearly as articulate with speech. I liked the extra few seconds writing gave me to choose the right words, free of pressure. Over time, writing has helped me become a more organized thinker in general, and aided me in everything I do—including speaking.

Why I Write Songs
I grew up surrounded by music. In fact, I was even named after a song—Jimmy Grove & Barbara Ellen. I’ve always sang, and writing songs and music was an unavoidable and natural conclusion. My first song was written when I’d just graduated from college. Many of the songs that followed were expressions of outrage against behaviors and mentalities. As I evolved as a writer, I wanted more of my personality to be reflected in my music and experimented with humor and wordplay. As a result, I expanded to writing in different genres.

Why I Create Content
It’s become clear to me that I need to always be creating something. My passion and perfectionism for writing drives me through development of complex, professional content creation. I have an innate curiosity and thirst for learning, especially with respect to technology, that often guides or determines the projects I support.

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