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"What can I say about Barbara? A Lot! I hired her to write my Resumé, Cover Letter & revise my LinkedIn, and she blew me away. She did an in-depth analysis of my work history, stayed in constant communication throughout the process, and presented a final product that exceeded expectations. She is a total professional and has an excellent command of the English language. I highly recommend her!"

-Don Amiche, On-Air Personality & Producer

"I was a little lost in how to find a resume writer in my field. Luckily, I was referred to Barbara and she exceeded my expectations. She revamped my resume, LinkedIn page as well as cover letter. I am so grateful I had her revamp all three, as it has been invaluable when applying for jobs. If you put in the work to give her detailed information, Barbara will go above and beyond to thoughtfully write a resume that achieves your professional goals, while at the same time capture you as an individual. The back and forth exchange we had was effortless as she is very experienced and truly a wordsmith. Her pragmatic, well informed approach will yield results quickly. No matter what line of work you are in, Barbara will do wonders with your resume."

-Robyn Younie, Scripted/Unscripted TV & Film Production Executive


"Coming into the mainstream work force after 15 years was a daunting effort for me. My chest got tight every time I thought I’d like to apply for a job because I knew my resume and cover letter were not professional looking. Like most people, I simply wasn’t good at writing one. As an upper level professional, I wanted to have an edge over all the other resumes that employers received. I hired Personal Touch and Barbara wrote my resume. She was incredibly easy to work with. When I received the first draft, I wrote back “WOW!” My mother and sister, who are upper level professionals as well, gave it to their HR departments to critique and both thought it was fantastic. If I decide to start applying for different type positions, which require new wording, I will hire her again. She brought my confidence level way higher than where it was before. I appreciate her so much. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a resume."

-Kelly Walker, Legal Compliance, Labor & Employment Attorney

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