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Songwriting & Poetry

Take a look at selected videos, or request a demo of songs specific to your musical style and project needs. Also see songwriting accolades and artists who have recorded my songs. 

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a collection of poetry about life, love, loss and faith

My Own Worst Enemy

Author: Barbara Roy

Kindle eBook ASIN: B00C4CHJ7E
$5.99 USD


Paperback ASIN: 1973552159

$10.98 USD

My Own Worst Enemy
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 "I love this book! If you are new to poetry and always thought you might want to give it a try, then this is the collection for you...I give it five stars only because Amazon does not allow six or seven."

"Barbara’s writing is real and emotional and a wonderful read, particularly for people of faith. I found myself reading through this very quickly because I couldn’t get enough, and then going back and reading each poem more slowly, taking in the full meaning and lyrical beauty of each one...her poems are challenging, uplifting, relatable, and moving."


"Barbara Roy’s collection of poems in “My Own Worst Enemy” are beautifully and poetically captivating...Roy has created steady and powerful rhythm in just three words, like when she writes “Crafty, raging, agitated/He concocts a smoke-filled plan”...If you’re looking to feel inspired, these poems are worth reading." 

"I felt so creatively inspired while reading these poems. It made me want to start writing my own...You can kind of guess at her experiences by reading, and it feels personal. It is personal, but it’s also a bit mysterious. It makes you reflect on your own experiences, and it's nice to have someone else's point of view kind of in your mind as you think about how your own experiences could have been thought of in a new way."

“Dreams are realities waiting for your faith to recognize them.”

Barbara Roy, Principal, Scarlettown Communications, LLC

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