Running Your Career Like a Business

Navigation - are an entrepreneur, have consulted, done contract work, or freelanced before (or would like to), or want to turn it into something steadier or formalize it


  • Initial skills inventory session (30-min)

  • Four (4) 1:1 personalized coaching sessions (40-min each)

  • Homework exercises

  • Target role definition and resume review

  • Free eBook, Show Up for Yourself

  • Free eBook, Big Boys and Girls Play Hardball - chock full of guidance and real-world scenarios, providing a birds-eye view of what contracting is really like


Everything in the Preparation Package PLUS:

  • Balancing quality work w/ client expectations

  • Ethics (and the absence thereof) in the workplace, protecting your brand, your ideas

  • Practical strategies for common client scenarios

  • Staying strong and positive and growing and advancing your career

Navigating Your Career