New business eBook for the contractor, consultant, business entrepreneur, new graduate or remote worker entering the workforce who wants to know the inside scoop on what it's like contracting for Fortune 500 companies. Also talks about what it's like working with recruiters, managers, leadership, navigating internal politics, what to watch out for, protecting and positioning yourself, growing your career, how to fill employment gaps, retirement and tips for success. Author anecdotes from personal contracting experiences included for a birds-eye inside look.

Sample Anecdote:
"I was once in an empty conference room with a manager, waiting for a meeting to start when the manager got up, went to the head of the conference table and lowered down the chair positioned there. I asked, "What are you doing?" The manager replied, "Just adjusting this chair." I replied, "I know what you're doing." The manager's next comments reveal he knew what he was doing as well, "Well, he (the manager's superior) might not even sit there; he could sit someplace else." "Do you do this a lot?" I asked. "No, I've never done it before," the manager said. "I mean, I've set up rooms for meetings before, and all."

Big Boys and Girls Play Hardball

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