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New Career Services Offerings from Scarlettown Communications

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

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A Time for Change

As I know you're already well aware, things are different these days. When the Covid-19 pandemic began its spread from China, and Korea, to across Italy, I think we in the U.S. knew it was only a matter of time before it would be on our doorsteps too.

With the accompanying changes to how our businesses and communities engage have come setbacks for some, opportunities for others, and irrevocable change for most. I also don't need to tell you change is hard; we are all living it, a day at a time. What I can tell you, that is new, is the shift in priorities I have decided to embrace with the direction of my own business and career.

Helping Job Seekers Differentiate in the Current Competitive Market

As a "side gig" freelance resume writer, I was already noticing the value I could bring to those having difficulty crafting their resumes to overcome today's challenges associated with new technological advances in managing job applicants. But, as the Covid virus spread, and unemployment rates rose, I found myself getting much more focused on discussing with clients exactly how to strategically approach securing their next job opportunities.

There are general obstacles to overcome in resumes in a "normal" job search market, such as ageism, too much experience, new graduates with too little experience, a diverse industry background, changing industries, and more. But the sheer volume of candidates now vying for any single position has increased exponentially, simultaneously raising the bar on the need for a well-constructed, ATS-compliant resume, that also effectively communicates a candidate's qualifications while uniquely differentiating them from others who may have similar skill sets.

Embracing the Change

There's been a great deal of media emphasis on learning how to navigate our "new normal" post-Covid-19. Part of navigating the transition though is embracing the change. From my perspective, here are some ways I've determined Scarlettown Communications may be able to do that while being of service to others who are also in transition:

Professional Resume Writing Services

I'm continuing to offer resume writing services, but with a concentration on resumes for Creatives. So many Creatives have such diverse and varied backgrounds, having freelanced and also worked for companies. Structuring their resumes can seem like a challenge to writers not experienced in that particular industry space. Too, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can pose problems for Creatives who are held to a higher design standard when it comes to the presentation of their resumes.

Having entertainment and creative background myself, I enjoy working with Creative clients and develop many resumes of various role types and seniority levels, including: graphic designers, video editors, sound designers, audio engineers, motion graphics designers, creative designers/managers/strategists, writer/editors, production managers, music licensing professionals, artists, composers, and more.


Career Coaching

At this time, I'm offering 30-minute and 1-hour single career coaching sessions in addition to the three standard coaching packages available.

Content, Communications & Training Consulting

I will continue to support Fortune 500, startups, and small businesses through content, communications, and training consulting, and business and technical content development.

Times of change aren't easy, and the added pressure of uncertainty only adds to the stress. I believe the least we can do is use our strengths to help alleviate some of the natural tension. Subscribe to this blog and visit the store to check for sales on these career services as I also embrace change and navigate determining the best ways to support you during your transition.

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