• Barbara Roy

Career Services for Creatives

Updated: Jan 17

If you've been working in the entertainment industry for all or most of your career, you are acutely aware of the disruption Covid-19 has introduced to how we consume media, and consequently, also create it. While networks, broadcasting, production, and media

companies sort out how best to pivot to adapt to new operating models, previously integral service providers, producers, talent, and creatives are feeling displaced and "on hold".

This unforeseen global impact has caused many of us to rethink how we approach our careers, if not our livelihood and individual survival in general. For some, it's an opportunity to stretch and grow, to explore new possibilities, a much-needed push in a new direction, or an innovation propellant. For others though, it's a frustrating time, ribald with challenges and distress about what's to come. And for others still... it is both.

If you wish there was a partner to help you think through your options, define a new path, and position you to uniquely exhibit your core qualifications, address challenges, or surface transferable skills to attract new opportunities, I am here, daily supporting and helping entertainment professionals and creatives during this unusual part of their journey.

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