• Barbara Roy

5 Customer Communications Strategies for 2022

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Businesses have been dramatically impacted (in a life-will-never-be-the-same kind of way) by overwhelming changes these past couple years. As 2022 plans are ready to be set in motion, it can be difficult to know with certainty whether your strategies are on track for the new, post-pandemic world. The following five communications insights can help you identify with your customers and focus your communications, with sensitivity and authenticity, for adjusted buying behaviors and current customer needs.


Your offerings, business model, and communications strategy have changed. Take advantage of one of the few free publicity vehicles available to you and rebrand your identity to tell your new story.

No More Majoring on Minors

With substantial upheaval come real needs. We’re not in a serve-your-wants economy right now. Focus on what really matters, provides value, and serves needs.

Back to Basics

If you haven't done so already, go to the source and survey your customers… immediately. Their evolving expectations and your new strategy may not align; invest in a survey and gather feedback before making permanent decisions that could cost you much more to undo operationally down the road.

Cut the Crap

Marketing ploys are a thing of the past. Simply put, we now live in a world where your buyers question everything. Authenticity, with consistent follow-through, will improve your retention, with longer-lasting results, than more temporary, short-term strategies. Like your business, your buyers have experienced enough recent change and will respond to a stabilization approach better than hype.


New and changing markets mean opportunities and potential for new revenue streams. Reset your mindset. Dare to innovate, create and deliver something different than you might have previously considered.


Barbara Roy is a content and communications expert, with over 15 years' experience, developing and implementing strategies for Fortune 500 tech companies.