• Barbara Roy

What Content Creators Do and How to Hire the Right Kind + Infographic

Updated: Jan 10

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If you were to type the words "content creator" into a search engine, you'd find at least 10 pages of results, and another dozen related search terms with every variety of content creator type---from photographers to course developers. What makes finding the right kind of content creator more difficult is the overlap between the types.

Why should there be so much confusion? From my research and experience, what I have discovered are the following variables:

Disagreement or Lack of Specificity about Terminology

While all content creators create, not all are content marketers... or content developers, and so on and so forth. This brings us to the next point of confusion.

Lack of Awareness of Unrelated Industries

The sphere of content creators used to be smaller; some have still not adapted to the change. With digitization came operational changes to every industry type, and thus the need for a variety of types of content creators.

Narrow View of Content

There is more to content than generating advertising dollars; not that there's anything wrong with that. Content creation is way too much work to not get paid for it in some way. But such a narrow view of it is limiting. Hopefully, the attached infographic will inform and provide clarity about the variety of content creator types. NOTE: Infographic may only be reproduced with cited copyright information.

Infographic of Content Creator Spectrum

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