• Barbara Roy

3 Ways a Design Refresh can Help Your Brand + Infographic

Updated: Jan 10

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It can be hard to consider changing your logo, website or templates once you've become attached to them. But here are 3 ways a design refresh can actually help re-invigorate your brand.

Refine Your Image

Stale, outdated, and disconnected are words no one wants associated with their brand. Yet, a logo or image that was designed 5-10 years ago could actually be sending that message. Like most things, design standards and trends change. That's not to say your logo or website has to be "trendy", per se, but it can be refined by framing it from a new, fresh perspective. Change isn't always a negative in that, it can also provide a chance for you to adjust something that might actually bother you about an image or design. Plan for design refreshes routinely, and consider them an opportunity to elevate your brand perception.

Illustrate Your Adaptability

A watchword today in business--especially technology-related ones--is digital transformation. With digital advances disrupting everything from doctor's offices to banking institutions, ways of doing business are expanding and changing. Tech experts say those who refuse to adapt will be left behind. Reflecting growth-mindedness visually is one way to show your company's response to change and re-infuse vigor.

Clarify Market Direction

Along with adaptability, businesses are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves to retain customers and capture new market share. Refreshed creative can help visually identify where your brand is headed, place focus on core values, and realign your brand with where your customers are today vs. yesterday.

Save the infographic below to use as a guide.

"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together." - James Cash Penny


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