• Barbara Roy

How I Got Started as a Content & Communications Consultant - Part 2

In part 1 of my story, I described how I went from feeling like I wasn't doing the right things to support my desired lifestyle, how I became acquainted with contract work and got my first contract with a well-known company.

I really enjoyed my first contract and felt like the work was well-suited to my skills and interests. But, at this stage, I was unaware there was a "process" for roles like mine. I thought I would "get my foot in the door" and that would be it. I still had a permanent-job mentality. What I didn't understand was that still wouldn't have delivered on my desired lifestyle, and wanting to spend more time at home, even if it had worked that way.

What is most important to understand here is, when you put a strong desire (call it a goal, if you like) forward, your heart and mind begin to put energy towards it. My heart and mind were trying to work out, and draw to me a way to realize my goal of being with my young son.

My path continued with other contracts, and sometimes permanent roles, until I recognized my core areas of strength, where I had the most expertise resulting from a lifetime of experience. You see, where we make the mistake is in trying to become something we're not, or maybe something someone else is when our own talents and value are enough to do great things.

At this point, I knew who I was and what I wanted clearly. That's when jobs were no longer jobs to me, and I became a consultant for my craft. Now, let me pause for a moment so as to not confuse you in your own career quest. How others will value you, and what you are actually capable of are two different things. This is why I started with the guide, Show Up for Yourself as a primer for what to do first in your personal growth.

It doesn't matter nearly as much what someone hires you to do, believes you can or can't do, or uses your time or talents for as it does that YOU know, champion and put to use your own capabilities yourself. You really should and must be an expert in your areas of strength. If you're not, why not?

Similar to our lives, where we are in our careers is our responsibility. To reiterate from part 1, the path to our dreams is a journey, but one that’s difficult to realize if we never believe it’s possible. I have learned that "dreams are realities, waiting for our faith to recognize them," and my hope is you will discover this also for yourself.

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