• Barbara Roy

Good Lessons from 2017 for 2018

Dreams quote

1. Luck isn't a strategy - it would be nice to be "discovered" for a great idea, talent or achievement, but most success comes from a combination of many moving parts working together well at the right time.

2. It's meant to be - just because you may not know what that great idea, book, song, poem, strategic vision, etc. is for right at this moment doesn't mean it doesn't have a future. Good work / ideas are still good; hang onto them because, even though you may not see the bigger picture now, they may fit into a grander scheme down the line--once you've developed other plans, infrastructure, ideas, etc. that you may not even be aware of yourself at this moment.

3. Spend your time on building - while everyone needs a break sometimes, spending your time on entertainment won't accomplish your goals. In fact, it's basically a "pause" mode. Any time you spend on building something for yourself / your business isn't wasted; you'll be learning more about yourself, honing your skills, and therefore getting closer to your goals.

4. Outsource, outsource, outsource - even multi-talented people don't have time to do it all themselves. Outsource small jobs someone else can do so you free yourself up for the work that's integral to your business / success. Same goes for your personal life--ask yourself if your time is being well-spent on whatever task you're doing that is taking you away from more important pursuits.

5. Go for the long game - if you leave the door open to quitting as an option, you've just made your goal pursuit / business temporary. We've all heard commitment is key, but the flip side of that is believing there are solutions to any obstacles or challenges. Sometimes, the lesson is in working through the solution. If someone else has done it, why not you? Dream big because, your dreams are just realities waiting for your faith to recognize them.