• Barbara Roy

Writing Tip: Keep lists of ideas for inspiration

This is not as much of a no-brainer as you would think. Inspiration doesn’t care what time it is or where you’re at when it comes. It’s okay to be shopping or walking the dog, and pull out your phone notepad to jot down thoughts for a future article (or writing tip!) Throughout the course of your work and research, you also probably come across items that, while very interesting, aren’t the right fit for what you’re working on. It is, however, great fodder for a different article later. It only takes minimal organization to bookmark a page and drop it into an “ideas”, “news”, or “events” folder. Same thought applies to email that’s sent to you. If you only take a moment and drop it into a folder in your inbox, you can come back to it later. What’s fairly certain is, if you do none of these, you will be that writer who complains, “I have writer’s block,” “I don’t know what to write about,” or “I’m uninspired.” Inspiration is everywhere, it’s true. A little advanced prep in grabbing it as it comes to you just keeps you a step ahead.

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